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Employee Accident Report 

3 months ago

If you were injured while working, please notify your supervisor and building principal as soon as possible. Please complete the Employee Accident Report and submit the completed form to Mandy Ash. 

Wellness Opportunity

3 months ago

Flu Vaccines

Employee flu vaccines are offered onsite every fall. Notification of the date and time will be sent via email. 

Wellness Screening

Employee wellness screening is offered onsite every other year. Notification of the date, time and details will be sent via email.  

Training and Resources

3 months ago

CPR Training 

CPR certification is available onsite to staff every other year. The next available onsite training will be Fall 2020. For a copy of your previous certification card, please email Mandy Ash at  

For additional training opportunities, please contact Daviess Community Hospital 812-254-2760 or Daviess County Health Department 812

Epi-pen Video 

For more information on Food Allergies/Anaphylaxis, click here

Learn more about Cystic Fibrosis